Custom Options

Designed and Built Like No Other

Leson saddles are made to order using the finest materials available.

Leson saddles are built with  ground-seats that are built over a piece of sheet metal, leather ground-seats are more flexible and allow closer contact and feel.

  • Meticulously hand-tooled in your choice of a full floral or oak-leaf pattern, full basket stamp, or a combination of floral and basket stamp.
  • Designed for correct, effective rider position and the closest possible contact, allowing superior communication between horse and rider. Each saddle is customized to fit the rider's individual physique.

More Than Just A Saddle

Leson Saddles are a testimony to the meticulous care and effort that has gone into the leather is: 

  • From carefully selected hides
  • Specially dressed in our shop to give it firmness and resistance to sweat, mildew and wear without losing its suppleness.
  • Has a rich, mellow color and luster found only in leather that has been hand-rubbed and prepared with all-natural oils and waxes.

Leson saddle trees are:

  • Designed and individually built exclusively to our specifications and are not available elsewhere.
  • Made with all leather ground-seats. Painstakingly hand-crafted from the finest materials, they are a work of art that inevitably outshine and outlast any other saddle. The price reflects the design expertise, unequaled quality and time that go into every saddle. They are a true investment.

Leson Saddles are the Most Sought After Saddles in the World